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About Our Practice 

Since 1949, Hearing Unlimited, Inc. has been helping people throughout Southwest Pennsylvania regain their hearing and escape the isolation that often comes with hearing loss. Our team of certified audiologists in Monroeville, PA and the Pittsburgh area is highly knowledgeable about the latest hearing aid technology from all the major manufacturers, and our advanced training and experience qualify us to give you the high degree of care you need and deserve.

We're also committed to changing the face of audiology and offering our patients a more comprehensive, supportive, and proactive experience with our Unlimited Service Promise. When you receive care from us, you will:

  • Support a local business you know and trust
  • Receive unlimited service with unlimited compassion
  • Receive evidence-based testing of specific needs
  • Access personalized prescriptions
  • Receive ready access to kind professionals
  • Benefit from ongoing counseling and sound advice
  • Experience better quality of life for years

At our hearing aid clinic near Pittsburgh, we employ cutting-edge, experienced hearing specialists who share our ultimate goal of solving your hearing dilemma and serving your lifetime hearing needs in the Western Pennsylvania area.

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