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You know it’s time for a hearing aid, but you don’t want one that everyone can see. And you don’t want feedback to get in the way of your cell phone, MP3 player, and other technology you use every day. What if you had a hearing aid that was specifically made for your Apple, Android, or other devices and was tiny enough that your super-powered hearing was your secret?

Meet the world’s smartest hearing aid at Hearing Unlimited in Southwestern PA

Not only can musicians suffer from hearing loss, but their chance of experiencing tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is 57% higher than average. Pitch-perception problems associated with hearing loss can compromise the career of a professional musician. Why take the chance when you can invest in a solution?

At Hearing Unlimited we offer hearing protection for both professional and hobby musicians.

In-Ear Monitors
In-ear monitors are hearing protection devices used by musicians to safely listen to music during a live performance or recording studio time. The monitors are custom made from silicone or acrylic to fit the musician’s ear. To get the most benefit, experts suggest that the musician uses a silicone or an acrylic with silicone canal portion mold.

Musicians Earplugs
Musicians who do not need amplified playback in their ears may benefit from custom-fitted earplugs. The plugs consist of a small diaphragm that reduces the sound frequency and volume evenly across the spectrum. Standard plugs mute high-frequency sounds, distort voices and make the timbre of music dull. Musician earplugs solve this problem by using filters to make specific sounds in the music spectrum softer, while not muffling every sound.

When you come into one of our Southwestern PA locations, our trained audiologists, or hearing instrument specialists will help you find the correct form of hearing protection to fit your lifestyle. Schedule an appointment today to see one of our hearing care professionals at Hearing Unlimited.