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Safe Earwax Removal

Do you suspect that earwax build-up might be the cause of your muffled hearing? Convenient locations in the South Hills, Penn Hills, Harmarville, Monroeville, and North Huntingdon.

Should you get your ears professionally cleaned?

Expertise: Our providers are trained professionals with specialized knowledge of the ear anatomy and safe cleaning techniques. Patients can be confident that the procedure will be conducted with precision and care.

Safety: Cleaning your ears at home with cotton swabs or other tools can be risky and may lead to injury or damage to the delicate structures of the ear. Our professional cleaning ensures that your ears are cleaned safely and effectively, reducing the risk of complications.

Thoroughness: We have access to specialized tools and equipment designed specifically for ear cleaning, allowing us to remove excess wax, debris, or blockages thoroughly. Our thorough cleaning process can improve hearing and reduce discomfort associated with blocked ears.

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How Ear Wax Removal Works

As ear wax can be dense and dry, we start with a pre-treatment solution to soften the wax and make it easier and more comfortable for removal. This process usually takes around 15 minutes. After the pre-treatment, we will use an FDA approved irrigation headset called the “Otoset” to remove the wax. The Otoset will sit on top of your head and have two tips that go into your ears. Once the device is in place, the clinician will start the Otoset and you will feel a stream of water flush the wax from your ear canals. Sometimes the clinician will run the device twice to ensure wax removal. Any remaining wax can usually be removed by the clinician using a professional wax removal tool. Your appointment may take up to an hour from start to finish. These appointments are best for patients who: are not on blood thinners, are not being treated for an ear infection and have no holes/tubes in their ear drums.

Man getting his ear wax removed by hearing specalist
Man with tinnitus pain

How often should you get your ears professionally cleaned?

The frequency of professional ear cleaning depends on various factors, including individual ear anatomy, wax production, and personal hygiene habits. In general, most people do not require frequent professional ear cleaning as the ears are self-cleaning to some extent. However, for individuals prone to excessive ear wax buildup the provider can determine if it is on an as-needed basis or more regular scheduled cleanings ranging from 6 months to 12 months.

Man with tinnitus pain

How to prevent ear wax build-up.