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Here’s Why Dual Sensory Loss is Serious Business

At Hearing Unlimited, nothing is more important to us than educating patients on why hearing loss prevention is so important…


Hearing Loss & Dementia: Preventative Measures You Can Take Now

At Hearing Unlimited, we want our patients to know that hearing loss & dementia are not unavoidable aspects of aging, but co…


Dementia and Hearing Loss: Are They Related?

Research shows sometime hearing problems may be associated with a secondary health issue: dementia. Learn more how they are …


4 Ways You Can Prevent Tinnitus

Here are a few ways you can protect your hearing before tinnitus even becomes a problem. Read out the full blog post!


4 Essential Answers for Understanding Tinnitus

We believe no patient should feel like they’re in the dark about what’s happening in their ears. Here are some of the most F…


Ototoxicity: How Ear Poisoning Causes Hearing Loss

We want our patients to understand all of the risks they may be taking for developing hearing loss. To help you become famil…


Prevent Hearing Loss and Stay On Your Feet

At Hearing Unlimited, we want to equip our patients with the knowledge to prevent and monitor hearing loss with the goal of …


Does Hearing Loss Increase Your Risk of Falling? 3 Reasons Why

Read out the full blog post to learn three reasons why your hearing can put you or your loved one off balance and ultimately…


Masks and You: Navigating PPE With Hearing Loss

Here are several things to be aware of regarding face masks and their impact on the hearing impaired. Learn more in our lat…


Hearing Unlimited Patient Guide to COVID-19

If you are living with hearing loss, here are a few things that are exceptionally important for you to remember as you navig…