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Staying Strong: Combating Diabetes, Hearing Loss and Dementia

How can you combat the effects of diabetes, hearing loss and dementia on the body, mind, and ears? Here are 4 essential st...


Cause and Effect: Diabetes, Hearing Loss and Dementia

November is National Diabetes Month, and 31 million people with diabetes are at an increased risk of developing hearing lo...


Hearing Loss Treatment Can Prevent A Fall Injury - Including Hip Fractures

Explore how hearing loss treatment can help prevent falls and bone fractures alike in our latest blog.


To Prevent Falls, We Need To Treat Hearing Loss

Our ability to hear & to stand are both things we tend to take for granted - and seem like very distinct abilities. Find o...


Ototoxicity: How Your Medications Can Affect Your Ears & Hearing

“Ototoxicity” refers to when something is toxic to our ears - toxic to the point of causing hearing loss. Fortunately, wor...


Kidney Disease: A Surprising Reason for Hearing Loss

When visiting Hearing Unlimited, you may be surprised to hear us discussing the state of your kidneys with you – but we ha...


Listen To Your Heart - It May Be Talking To Your Ears

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. That's why heart care is so critical. But did you know...