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Online Hearing Tests, Hearing Aid Consults & More

Teleaudiology: Telehealth Services for Hearing Aids

At Hearing Unlimited, we know that life can get in the way of scheduling appointments, but your hearing should always be a top priority. Now it can be: with our Telehealth Audiology program. 

With telehealth audiology, we can meet you where you are, virtually. It is an easy and convenient way to have a face-to-face video call with an audiologist. 

We currently offer the following types of teleaudiology appointments:

  • Consultations  
  • Counseling and orientation  
  • Treatment device troubleshooting 
  • Smartphone troubleshooting 
  • RemoteCare prescription reviews *technology depending

Want to learn more? Ready to get started? Reach out to us with any questions you have, or schedule your first online appointment with us today.

woman on a teleaudiology call

Teleaudiology & More From Your Top Hearing Specialists | PA & OH

What is Telehealth Audiology at Hearing Unlimited? 

Telehealth audiology is an easy way to connect using your cell phone, tablet, or PC, from the comfort of your own home or office to converse face-to-face with your provider. No need to travel or rearrange schedules with other daily life activities.  

Anyone can benefit from this service, including new patients. For a new patient, maybe you have noticed that conversations or the TV does not seem as clear and you are worried or concerned. Telehealth is a great opportunity to ask questions to a professional in the audiology field.  

If you are a current patient of Hearing Unlimited, you can also benefit from telehealth audiology services. We can help troubleshoot any hearing aid issues or connectivity issues with your smartphone. We can also discuss and counsel you on any changes or concerns you have with your hearing treatment.  

If you’re wearing some of the latest hearing treatment technology from Hearing Unlimited, you can appreciate the programming capabilities remotely as well. This means that fine-tuning can be done at home if you are unable to come in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange a telehealth audiology appointment?

If you have questions that have stopped you from coming in or you worry about needing hearing help, this complimentary Telehealth Audiology consultation is a great place to start to get some of your most sought-after questions answered.  

Your complimentary consultation will take approximately 15-20 minutes with one of our audiologists, where you will have your questions answered. You will walk away with the confidence to take the next steps in your hearing health journey.   

It has never been easier to access professional audiological advice and support! 

What are the benefits of telehealth audiology?

Telehealth has many benefits for patients:

  • Performed from the comfort of your own home or office 
  • Saves time 
  • No need to drive to an office all the time 
  • Skipping traffic 
  • No need to find rides if transportation is a problem.  
  • Less exposure if you are someone who is at risk health-wise 
  • Overall convenient access available! 

How can I get started with the best online audiologist near me?

At Hearing Unlimited, we make it easy to make your telemedicine appointment. Just schedule an appointment with our audiology team using our online scheduling tool.