Hearing Protection

The limit for safe hearing is 85 decibels – the sound of a hair dryer. At Hearing Unlimited we carry the equipment needed to create custom hearing protection.

Hearing Unlimited

If you’re not working around heavy machinery or loud blasts every day, you rarely think about protecting your ears from the noise. But according to the Better Hearing Institute, you could be among the 30-50 million Americans exposed to potentially dangerous noise levels each day.

Thousands of everyday items are loud enough to damage your hearing. Since many of them, like a flushing toilet, are unavoidable, the only thing you can do is protect yourself.

Our hearing protection products include:

Custom Ear Molds

This form of hearing protection is designed for all day use, better defense, and greater comfort than a store-bought plug.

Shooter’s Plugs

Created to amplify sounds within the safe hearing range, this hearing protection automatically blocks noise greater than 95dB.

Musician’s Plugs

Musician’s hearing protection are canal-style earplugs specially designed to prevent the alteration of your pitch or timbre while keeping your hearing safe.

Custom Earbuds

Fit to your ears, custom earbuds offer supreme hearing protection and eliminate the need to listen to music at dangerous levels.

Swim Molds

Molded to fit your unique ear shape, this type of hearing protection keeps your ears dry and prevents Swimmer’s Ear.

Interested in learning more about the different styles of hearing protection? Make an appointment at one of our Hearing Unlimited locations near you. We’ll help you find the right products for your lifestyle.