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Wearing hearing protection is recommended in any loud, noisy environment, inculding live concerts. Because hearing sensitivity is central to any musician's ability to do the work of his or her profession, hearing loss is a serious concern. Not only can musicians suffer from hearing loss, but their chance of experiencing tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is 57 percent higher than the average person’s. Additionally, pitch-perception problems associated with hearing loss can compromise your career as a professional musician.

At Hearing Unlimited we offer hearing protection for both professional and hobby musicians. We utilize and provide ear molds, ear protection, and assistive technology. When you come into one of our Southwestern Pennsylvania locations, our trained audiologists will help you find the correct form of hearing protection to fit your lifestyle. Call 412-347-5550 or book an appointment online to see one of our hearing care professionals at Hearing Unlimited.



FAQs on Hearing Protection Devices:

What are In-Ear Monitors?

The purpose of an ear monitor is to enable you as a musician to hear your own instrument or voice at the desired levels.  A musician may have difficulty hearing his or her voice and other instruments because on-stage sounds such as instruments and crowd noise. Monitors, however, also make it possible for players to hear the musical parts others are playing at any distance, which is considered to be critical to the musical composition and playing of one's instrument. The advantages of in-ear monitors ultimately help you have greater control over vocal level and non vocal signals, as well as reduced vocal effort.

What are the Benefits of In-Ear Monitors?

In-ear monitors are hearing protection devices used by musicians to safely listen to music during a live performance or recording studio time. They do this by not having a tight seal on the ear channel, which in turn allows audible external sounds into the ear. The monitors are custom made from silicone or acrylic to fit the musician’s ear. To get the most benefit, we suggest that the musician uses a silicone or an acrylic with silicone canal portion mold.

Are Musicians’ Earplugs Available?

Custom-fitted earplugs filter out loud sounds while preserving the clarity of musical notes. Musicians who do not need amplified playback in their ears may benefit from custom-fitted earplugs. Custom earplugs are available with varying degrees of sound attenuation. They range from maximum protection – where verbal communication and warning signal intelligibility are not required – to models that allow greater transmission of sound in the frequency range of the human voice. Custom earplugs are molded to fit each of your ears exactly. Rather than being disposable after each use, like earplugs made of foam, they are made of durable silicon-based materials that can be washed with soap and water. They hold their shape and last for years in normal use.

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