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You know it’s time for a hearing aid, but you don’™t want one that everyone can see. And you don’t want feedback to get in the way of your cell phone, MP3 player, and other technology you use every day. What if you had a hearing aid that was specifically made for your Apple, Android, or other devices and was tiny enough that your super-powered hearing was your secret?

Meet the world’™s smartest hearing aid at Hearing Unlimited in Southwestern PA

Made for iPhone, so it lets you connect to your iPad, iPod Touch so you can stream sound directly from your device. Don’™t worry about feedback destroying your favorite songs. Unlike other systems, it does not mistake high tones in music for feedback, so you’™ll enjoy your music without distortion.

Don’t listen to much music? Here are some other things you can stream directly through your hearing aids:

  • Phone Calls
  • Video Chats
  • Audio Apps, Including Turn-By-Turn Directions
  • Audio Books
  • Movies
  • Television

The hearing aid features wireless stereo headphones for ultra-clear sound. It’™s equipped with features to replicate the way the ear works and allow you to hear more naturally in the noisiest environments.

This hearing aid does more than just enhance your iPhone and iPod. Its models come with features to enhance your hearing in any circumstance. This hearing aid is designed for use in moderate listening environments. It prevents whistling and feedback. This hearing aid automatically adjusts to changes in your environment. As you move between places, your hearing aid automatically adjusts to focus in on the sounds you want to hear.


Accessories let you get even more out of your hearing aid. The microphones attach to the speaker in a lecture or meeting so you can stream their words right through your hearing aid. You can also use it to hear TV shows and other entertainment when you’re away from home. And with apps, you can control every aspect of your hearing aid from your iPhone.

If you’re ready to experience iPhone hearing aids for yourself, make an appointment with Hearing Unlimited.