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Online Hearing Aid Consults From Your Trusted Audiologist

Hearing Aid Telemedicine With Hearing Unlimited

As technology becomes more advanced, so do the capabilities of hearing aids. It’s exciting to think about the ways in which a new hearing aid may be able to improve your hearing and your life – that said, it’s understandable that some patients would rather give something unfamiliar a try before committing to a new device.

That’s why Hearing Unlimited is proud to offer our patients a no-money-down 7-Day Test Drive for any hearing aid you’re considering from our shop. Once you’ve been professionally fitted with specialized, top-rated hearing aids that are customized to your specific hearing loss, you’ll have full access to an audiologist via telemedicine who is here to help you navigate your test drive.

Unsure about telemedicine? The benefits speak for themselves:

  • You can consult with us from the comfort and safety of your own home
  • You don't have to take time off work or away from other obligations
  • There's no need to arrange transportation

Through our easy-to-use telehealth platform, your Hearing Unlimited audiologist will provide any support you need in order to truly feel comfortable with your hearing aid, including:

  • Counseling
  • Device Troubleshooting
  • Smartphone and Bluetooth troubleshooting

At the end of your test drive, you’ll even follow up remotely with your audiologist to discuss how you’re feeling about your new device before you make your purchase.

If you're ready to experience the convenience and quality of care that teleaudiology can provide during your Test Drive, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Hearing Unlimited today. We look forward to hearing from you!


Teleaudiology & More From Your Top Hearing Specialists | PA & OH

Expert Audiology Care from Hearing Unlimited

With more than 60 years of experience providing one-on-one, patient-focused audiology services, Hearing Unlimited is dedicated to helping our patients achieve their best possible hearing health. And with our convenient online scheduling, it's easy to get started on your journey to better hearing.

But that's not all. If you purchase hearing aids from Hearing Unlimited, you don't just get a device. You get the continuous support of our team of certified experts who will help you every step of the way to ensure that you're getting the most out of your hearing aids.

You also gain access to our 10-step Unlimited Service Promise:

  1. Ready Access: If you'd like to visit us in person, we have five convenient, expertly-staffed, and full-time locations, as well as We Come to You house calls.
  2. Professional Communication: Our courteous team is available by phone, text, or email, as well as your telehealth visits.
  3. Hearing Health Education: Clear explanations about how hearing loss relates to common medical conditions including the risk of falls, dementia, diabetes, tinnitus, or vision loss, and why effective treatment is vital
  4. Complete Audiology Evaluation: Personal plans of care developed with evidence-based exams.
  5. 7-Day Test Drive While in-clinic testing is crucial, we encourage you to enjoy taking new technology home and seeing how well it works for you before you buy.
  6. Verified Prescriptions: Real ear measurements, the Gold Standard of audiological care, precisely match hearing aid fittings to your unique prescription’s listening targets and can be performed online.
  7. Hear for Life Program: A holistic approach to personalized management of hearing loss via brain retraining therapies, listening partnership strategies, practical counseling, and Communication Wellness.
  8. Hearing Aid Maintenance Plan: With pride of ownership, quarterly schedules for proactive cleaning and skilled technical consultations make sure devices operate at peak performance levels for many years.
  9. Hearing Aid Batteries: With proper selection, guidance, and our Battery Hotline (412.342.4677), you will be reliably powered up, with considerable savings.
  10. Annual Hearing Aid Demonstrations: When new devices, software updates, or advanced features are discovered, sharing is caring and we practice The Golden Rule.

Don't settle for the bare minimum when it comes to your hearing health. With Hearing Unlimited, to be supported at every step of your journey to better hearing. Schedule an appointment with us today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never used telemedicine before, but I’d like to try. Will you help me?

If you need assistance in setting up your teleaudiology appointment, no problem. We’re here to make your appointment as simple as possible, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff are always here to help. Just give us a call, and we’ll gladly walk you through the process.

What do I need to use teleaudiology services at home?

All you need to use teleaudiology services is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. You will also need a webcam and microphone so that you can communicate with your audiologist during your appointment.

How should I prepare for my teleaudiology appointment?

Before your appointment, you should find a quiet, well-lit place to sit or stand. You should also make sure that you will not be interrupted during your appointment. If you need to use a computer for your appointment, you should set it up in advance and test the webcam and microphone to ensure that they are working properly.

How can I get started with the best hearing aid audiologist near me?

At Hearing Unlimited, we make it easy for patients to get started on their journey toward better hearing. Just use our online scheduling tool to make an appointment at a convenient time for you.