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Hearing Rehabilitation Center – Monroeville, PA

Hearing loss can affect many aspects of your life, making communication difficult and often negatively influencing your family relationships, interactions with your friends, how you function in your job, and your self-confidence. The goal of hearing rehabilitation is to reduce communication problems. 

We often feel the pain of hearing loss in a different way. Many will wait years before seeking treatment, hoping that their condition will naturally improve. Consequently, hearing loss may continue to cause problems in our everyday lives. But research indicates that rehabilitation specifically relating to hearing loss has significant supportive effects

At Hearing Unlimited, we guide patients through the hearing rehabilitation process, allowing them to hear better than they have in years. We address not only medical and communication factors, but also psychosocial dimensions, beyond the fitting of a hearing aid. Because we’ve been providing unsurpassed hearing health care to residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania since 1949, we understand that in order to get the best results from your hearing devices, an Aural Rehabilitation Program is vital.

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FAQs on Hearing Rehabilitation:

How Does Hearing Rehabilitation Impact Me?

If you have a hearing problem, the most frequent obstacles you face involve communication with more than one person at a time, as well as communication in environments with high levels of background noise, such as meetings, training, and social functions. You may feel insecure and may doubt your ability to communicate with others.

As a result of these feelings and obstacles, you will remain mostly in a listening mode and make little effort to communicate ideas, feelings, wants, or knowledge. This, in turn, makes other people think that you are not listening or hearing.

Hearing rehabilitation has the potential to help you by reducing the barriers to communication resulting from hearing loss, as well as by building your self-confidence.

What can I Expect During Hearing Rehabilitation?

Hearing rehabilitation is a series of lessons where you have to practice words and sentences with another person. The goal of these sessions is to give your brain an opportunity to relearn the words and sounds you hear using your new hearing device, whether it be a hearing aid or a cochlear (inner ear) implant. Words and sentences are spoken to you; you repeat them; and the other person tells you if you are right, wrong, or have some words right.  Group hearing rehabilitation courses may include topics such as:

  • Speechreading or lip-reading. These courses use audio-visual skills to improve communication by teaching participants how to read lips more effectively, which can help the brain process sound more easily a.
  • Assertiveness training.In this type of training, participants learn how to effectively communicate what they need in order to properly interact in a social or professional setting.
  • General and situation-specific strategies.In this type of training, participants explore real-life situations where they need to hear important things. Topics can cover coping in restaurants, making adjustments at home, dealing with outdoor background noise, assistive listening devices and more. 
  • Speech conservation.These courses help participants acknowledge gestures and anticipate queues. It is here where you learn about how the factors of lighting, sound-absorbing materials, seating placement, and the repeating or rephrasing of a question can improve communicating in difficult situations.
  • Training for communication partners.This training helps participants effectively listen during a conversation. It involves training to improve expressive communication skills.

Our experienced team of audiologists and trained hearing professionals know that the transition period after getting new hearing aids may be challenging. We will guide you as you adjust to your new devices by offering counsel on what to expect and how to take care of your instruments. We will also provide you with tips and strategies to improve your listening skills so that you will be able to communicate better.

How Can the House Call Program Help Me?

Through the House Call Program, our team is able to travel to places where you are having the most difficulty, whether that be the workplace, classroom, place of worship, or a friend’s house during a bridge game. Making it simple and within reach for you is our goal. With our house call visit, you can set an appointment with us and we will be right at your doorstep.