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Pittsburgh’s Top-Rated Premiere Audiologists, serving patients in 5 locations throughout Southwestern PA!

Hearing Assessments & Diagnostic Center – Monroeville, PA

Nearly 30 million Americans, including two-thirds of those over 70, are said to have hearing loss. But only 15 to 30 percent benefit from hearing aids use.  Not all hearing aids are created equal, the modern devices incorporate algorithms that can enhance every aspect of sound, not just making the noise louder. This is why treating hearing loss is too complex for on-demand, online, or off-the-shelf purchased devices without the assistance of an experienced professional.

In Hearing Unlimited, staying up on the latest advancements is only one aspect of helping our patients. We are committed to providing a thorough hearing evaluation, personalized assessment of your listening needs and lifestyle, and a choice of hearing aids or hearing safety equipment from top manufacturers. We make sure that your consultation will be worth the time as we do personalized hearing aid consultations.  We make sure that your consultation will be worth the time as we do personalized hearing consultations. We will help you choose the hearing technology that’s right for you. Schedule an appointment online or call 412-347-5550 today with one of our providers at a location near you.



Providing Superior Audiology Evaluations Throughout Pittsburgh, PA

Since 1949, our compassionate team of physicians, licensed audiologists and hearing instrument specialists have provided superior hearing health care to Southwestern Pennsylvania. We offer thorough hearing assessments using cutting-edge technology to determine the exact type and degree of hearing loss in each patient. Trust our experts with your hearing health needs, book your complimentary hearing test today!

FAQs on Hearing Assessments:

What is an Otoscopy?

This is used to identify if there’s acute otitis media (AOM), a painful type of ear infection. This is where we look into each ear to visualize the ear canal and eardrum. We also rule out any wax impaction or debris that may be present in the ear canal.

What is Tympanometry and Impedance Testing?

The presence of fluid results in a moderate hearing loss. The impairment can result in otitis media (bacterial infection). We gently place a pressure probe in your ear to test for fluid or congestion, issues with the bones in the middle ear, and other blockage problems.

What is an Audiometric Screening?

Audiometric hearing screening is used for early detection of hearing loss. You’ll sit in a sound-treated booth and wear headphones connected to an audiometer. The headphones deliver different tones to each ear separately. We record each tone heard by your response to the different levels of the tones.

What is Comprehensive Audiometry Testing?

This test determines your degree of hearing loss using pure tones and word recognition testing. This is prepared in a sound-treated booth with headphones, insert earphones or speakers. You will listen to several tones and indicate when you hear them. We will graph your responses determining how loud a sound has to be for you to hear it.

What is Bone Conduction Testing?

This test is significant to determine if your hearing loss is due to an issue affecting the outer ear or the middle ear. A bone oscillator (a small square box on the end of a metal headband) is placed behind the ear; in which it delivers a series of tones to your ears. You will indicate when you hear a tone, and the results are recorded.

What is Speech Reception Threshold Testing?

These tests help determine your threshold for hearing two-syllable words, like “hot dog” or “baseball”. Your threshold is the faintest noise level at which you can correctly repeat the words 50 percent of the time or more.

What is Speech Discrimination?

This test assesses how well you can understand individual words at different sound levels. During the test, words are presented to you in a sentence and you repeat them, allowing us to assess your hearing.

What is Speech-In-Noise Testing?

This kind of audiology exam helps determine how well you can hear and understand speech in a noisy environment. We will ask you to repeat words both with and without background noise, and evaluate your performance with and without background noise to determine what kind of hearing loss you may be living with.

What is Real Ear Measurement?

This is the measurement of the sound pressure level in your ear canal when a hearing aid is worn out. After you’re fitted with a hearing aid, we make sure it fits correctly and you’re hearing the way you should with this test.

What is Audiometric Acoustic Reflex Testing?

These tests help determine where your hearing loss may originate. We use this equipment to test the reactions of a muscle in your inner ear that contracts when you hear a loud noise. The acoustic level that triggers the reflex helps us determine the type of your hearing loss.

What is Audiometric Acoustic Reflex Decay Testing?

Similar to acoustic reflex testing, audiometric acoustic reflex decay tests measure the degree of hearing loss brought about by regular exposure to loud noise.