Penn Hills – Premier Medical Building

If you live or work in or near Western Pennsylvania and you’re looking for hearing aids or other audiology services, you’re in the right place. At Hearing Unlimited, located in, Premier Medical Building, 310 Rodi Road Suite 210, Pittsburgh, PA. We’ve been providing expert audiological services since 1949.

If you are a candidate for hearing aids, we’ll help you select the hearing aid models that are best for your situation, including your lifestyle, type and severity of hearing loss, and budget. We also provide additional audiological services. These include aftercare like aural rehabilitation, so you can adjust to your new hearing aids and the way they affect you at your own pace. Experience the Hearing Unlimited difference for yourself. Call us at 412-347-5550412-347-5550 to make an appointment today.

310 Rodi Road Suite 210, Pittsburgh, PA 15235
Premier Medical Building

Phone: 412-347-5550412-347-5550