Harmarville – One Alexander Center

At Hearing Unlimited in Harmarville, PA, we’re passionate about helping people hear better, so they can break out of the isolation caused by hearing impairments. Located at in Suite 103 in One Alexander Center at 2585 Freeport Road in Western Pennsylvania, PA., we do so much more than sell hearing aids. We’re passionate about helping people escape the isolation of hearing loss and bring out the beauty of everyday sounds.

At our office, we’ll perform a series of audiological exams to diagnose your specific type and severity of hearing loss. Then, if you’re a candidate for hearing aids, we’ll help you select a hearing aid that works best for your lifestyle, budget and hearing needs. We provide top hearing aid brands, like Oticon, Siemens, and more.

2585 Freeport Rd., Pittsburg, PA,15238
One Alexander Center Suite #103

Phone: 412-347-5550412-347-5550