Frequently Asked Questions

On this page, you’ll find a list of comments that we often hear regarding hearing aids, the use of listening assistance devices, and age-related hearing loss. Click on any of the comments below for our response. If we can answer any other questions for you, please call 412-347-5550412-347-5550 or schedule an appointment.

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Do I Really Need A Hearing Test?

Hearing Aids Will Make Everything Sound Too Loud.

Hearing Aids Will Make Me Look “Older” And “Handicapped”.

Only People With Serious Hearing Loss Need Hearing Aids.

The Consequences Of Hiding Hearing Loss Are Better Than Wearing Hearing Aids.

Hearing Loss Cannot Be Helped.

My Hearing Loss Is Normal For My Age.

If I Had A Hearing Loss, My Family Doctor Would Have Told Me.

Hearing Loss Affects Only “Old People” And Is Merely A Sign Of Aging.

I Have One Ear That’s Down A Little, But The Other One’s Okay.

I’ll Just Have Some Minor Surgery Like My Friend Did, And Then My Hearing Will Be Okay.

I Am Concerned About The Integrity Of Hearing Health Professionals And The Value Of Hearing Aids.

Do You Accept My Insurance?